Juuuuly Juuuuly

The cusp of oscillation. That’s my horoscope in a nutshell. Equal parts Cancer and Leo. Fire and water combined to make constant movement of back and forth… Oof, sorry to get all new agey here, but I feel it in July, ya know!? My birthday month always makes me reflective, and something about mid summer is really part of my essence. This year I turn 27. The year that Mercury will be in retrograde. I will no longer be in my mid-20s. I’m entering my late 20s and ready with open arms. It’s true what they say, it gets better with age. On Friday Mwende and I celebrated another birthday together. It was so great to be surrounded by my friends and community. Thank you to everyone who attended, and to all those who were there in spirit.

It’s been a minute, so what can I share? I’ve gone on several trips in the past few months for work and pleasure. I traveled through the American Southwest, the East Coast, I’ve camped and biked throughout California, and very much looking forward to a tropical adventure I leave for in 4 days. Mystery trip, so stay posted! But below are pictures all the way back from March through the fourth of July. The order goes Van Damme State beach, Vegas, The Grand Canyon, New Mexico, Tucson, Tunitas Creek Beach, Tahoe, Fourth of July up in Trinity Shasta Mountains. YEA! dats some camping.

Van Damme State Beach Banana Slug - no known predators donuts for breakfast Sin City Truckito Truck Stop The Grand Canyon IMG_2781 IMG_1362 IMG_2803 Land of EarthShips IMG_2814 White Sands IMG_2837


IMG_2880 IMG_2882

Earth Ship

Tuscon Solarkids Secret Beaches IMG_2989 IMG_2997 Tahoe Tahoe Trio The world Killin it Lake Mercet Olivia is so good at jumping On the trail Hiking in SNOW Yolla Bolly Middle Eel River Happy Fourth of July Beans and Rice and Meadow Fratar Sunsets and purple mountain majesty


2 thoughts on “Juuuuly Juuuuly

  1. תמשיכי לעשות את כל הדברים שאת אוהבת, עם האנשים שאת אוהבת ושאוהבים אותך.

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