It gets better every year!

There is a following for this Pi’e Day Party, and it’s an absolutely epic tradition. I can’t believe how much momentum there has been in the last 6 years to celebrate the best food ever, and to be honest, there are people I only see on pi’e day, and that’s enough of a reason to keep doing it.

Here are my votes for the most noteworthy pies brought forth. If others have differing opinions, please speak now!

Karen Henwood: Most beautiful – Strawberry Mousse Pie (oh my god it was so gorgeous, and tasted like heaven)

Teresa Klein: Best Savory Pie – Shepherd Pie with Guinness Brisket (slow cooked meat all night long by the queen of meat herself. goshdarn it was tasty!)

Kate Fratar: Best Tart – Mixed Berry Tart (So beautiful to look at, delicious crust!)

Olivia Mahony: Best Pie Overall – Key Lime Pie (cuz it was bomb, and it was my mom’s favorite)

So here you are, friends, I indulge you in the beauty of Shabbat Pi’e Day 2015.. For those of you who missed out, next year will not be as epic numerically, but hey, there’s always room for more contenders, so get bakin’!




close up of the beauty






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