Happy Festivus!




Man, these pictures did not upload in order… Oh well, you guys will figure it out. Sooooo December! Woah hey, what’s up almost-year-2015! December is always a time of reflection, and I’d say I have quite a lot to reflect about this year. It was a year of many transitions and changes. Some great! Some difficult! But best of all, I learned a ton. About the world, people, myself… This was the first year where I didn’t feel like I was in a perpetual state of being 19 years old. I made a lot of big decisions on my own, and I am feeling really strong, independent and empowered. I am eager to see what 2015 brings, and hopefully it will involve far less travel! Sheesh, I’m sick of living out of luggage and rarely sleeping in my own bed.

But! The other good news is that I’ve now gone 16 days without eating dairy, refined sugar, alcohol, caffeinated coffee (though that’s been many many months) or gluten (except once at Canter’s.. I was surrounded by my people… it was mazto ball soup… give a girl a break!) So I’m feeling really great about that. It’s been super difficult and tempting, but it’s making my body feel right, and I’ve appreciated the time and opportunity to really review and consider my diet.

I really hope everyone is feeling happy and relaxed even with the madness of the holidays. I’m looking forward to my first weekend home in many many weeks. It’s Bethany’s birthday, so we’ll be showing her a great time as we welcome her into her 31st year.



haha the cheeziest!!! Sungevity takes glamour shots




Tilden Hike with my girl Anna


IMG_1921 A week with this terror… The cutest terror of all time



rollin deep!


This is not staged… kid’s got solar running through his veins


two dudes hangin out






❤ ridin dirty in the five thirty


Thanks for the new socks, MA!


and the new blender!


Happy Birthday Phil! You’re the best


Venice beach in the middle of winter. I love you, California



Happy Madison Party in Burbank. Ready to ROCK!


I’m pretty proud of this one. Pet Sheep


Solstice Party Invite

IMG_1974 IMG_1975 IMG_1995 IMG_2021



My dad is so badass


2 thoughts on “Happy Festivus!

  1. Beautiful email! I love hearing you feel so empowered and strong and independent. I might need to getv some tips lol. Im happy to hear your body is feeling good! How do you avoid sugar?

    I love the pics of the “terrors” too.

    Lovee loveee loveeee the cheesy pic most!

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