Life anew

The days of summer are slowly coming to an end. The other day on a run, I noticed my long shadow, and the crunching of leaves beneath my feet. It’s coming… the darkness is coming. I am trying to consider the silver lining, and to remain optimistic. But, as a child of the sun, I have a hard time with the winter months. The cold is problematic, but really, it’s just the lack of sunshine that truly brings my spirits down. You might say to me, “But Yael! You had a glorious 4 months full of sunshine and outdoor time!” And to that I would respond that I am simply a greedy woman.. But yes, I had a fantastic summer, and in a way, it only seems fair that it would eventually come to an end. And all things being relative, I wasn’t totally robbed of a joyous summer, so everything is fine.

As I strive to find my place and routine within my new job, I’m still doing what I can to remain active and social during the evenings and weekends. I completed a duathlon at the end of last month at Oakland’s first ever Oakland Triathlon Festival. It was incredible! I was so nervous the whole week and weekend before, but as soon as the gun went off, man was I having the time of my life!! I want to thank my parents for coming to support me on that glorious day, and for all the love I received from friends and my community. I can’t wait to race again!


finish line at the Oakland Triathlon Festival

This past weekend I visited one of my favorite places in California. South Fork of the Yuba River in Nevada City. I took three non-native Californians to this treasured spot. We hiked 6.5 miles in on Saturday, spent the day frolicking in the river, basking on rocks, building a campfire, baking a cobbler, eating space food and were rocked to sleep by the radiant milky way. The next day was HOT and we hiked out another 6.5 miles around 2 pm. We stopped in Davis for burgers and continued on our merry way back to Oakland. It was a perfect weekend. Absolutely no camping snafus (the risk for these are high), and my soul grew in the name of summer adventure.

4 miles in

4 miles in



river crew

river crew

More to come after this upcoming weekend in LA! I hope you’re all feeling well.



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