Portland debrief

The Portland adventure has come to an end. It was a really good time, and I’m really grateful for my family, and the quality time we spent together. I baked a ton! Man, I forgot how much I love to bake. The brand new KitchenAid stand up mixer made available to me helped rekindle that relationship. Another highlight was the Skidmore Bluffs, a cool vantage point where you can catch a really epic PacNorthWest sunset as the trains crash into one another below you. I went there with my good friend Patrick Reilly who moved to the Great North from SF earlier this year. We had dinner at P’s and Q’s Market, in a rapidly changing neighborhood in North Portland. When I say “rapidly changing” I mean, it’s being gentrified quickly. I had the Kale Ceasar. Why does this only exist on menus in Portland!?

I also made my first ever Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake with my Omi’s (my paternal grandmother) recipe, passed down to me from my Aunt Simone. It was a hit! Further, in my baking frenzy, I did a fun thing where I ruined Alta’s (my sister in-laws) challah dough, which she had placed in the oven to rise on low heat early that morning. I merrily turned on the oven to 350 degrees F for my cake, and forgot that the challah dough had been sitting there doing it’s thing. When I opened the oven door to put my cakes in, I was mortified that I had let such precious dough become a strange-looking, half-baked, dome of challah, so I made a new one to replace it. But guess what guys? Turns out, the shape is truly superficial… challah is challah and it’s so friggan good.

Somehow my schedule is already full for the rest of the week, and I have lots to do before Friday when I travel to Monterrey, CA to celebrate the marriage of two very special people, my friend Jeff Quigg, and his lovely fiance Karen Hiller. It’s going to be an all weekend celebration with lots of food, fun and laughs, and I CANT WAIT!

"the bluffs" - North Portland with preilly

“the bluffs” – North Portland with preilly

Omi's Chocolate Cake recipe

Omi’s Chocolate Cake recipe

make-up Challah

Make-up Challah

power user

power user

Omri loves Huck

Omri loves Huck. Huck is not a lapdog


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