Used gear. I cannot stop.

There’s so much good food in Portland. duh. boring. But my new favorite place on earth is Next Adventure. It’s gear heaven. I bought an awesome Mountain Hardware jogging hat, and a sweet plum colored Pearl Izumi biking jersey there today for a grand total of $32! The jersey looks vintage, and the tag indicates it was made in USA. I will probably go back again before I leave Portland because I have a serious problem, and it’s called gear addiction. It’s who I am, I will never change, someone please initiate an intervention.. Wow, I would move to Portland just because this store exists, except that I am seriously saddened by the weather. I know that everyone says Oregon is the best in summer, and you’ll fall in love, and blah blah blah, and I get it! Everything is like, fluorescent green compared to the grey skies, and the mountain landscapes are truly magnificent, but I just can’t hang. It hailed yesterday… 7-8 months of that sounds excruciating.

Aside from my regular weather report, there are some very nice things about Oregon, and I’m having a wonderful time exploring. For example, my friend Justin’s farm in Hillsborough called Working Theory Farm. He grows organic produce and sells to restaurants, coops and grocery stores in the area. My brother Omri and I went to visit today, and I had a really nice time hearing the birds chirp and the creek splash. He has a really impressive piece of land, and I wanted to go check it out to feed my ever-growing curiosity about agriculture and farming. I am continually impressed by my friends who have dedicated themselves to working the land, and I feel honored to be able to help and learn when I can. Cheers to them!

Only a few more days here and I go back to California. Oh, how I miss you Oakland!



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