Summer Rawks


Collage World




Tunitas Creek Rd. GOIN’ BIG!


Jack is enthralled with the Black Bear Diner Gazette


Adventure to Emeryville Marina for driftwood with Jack

pepples donut farm

pepples donut farm fueling us for a long drive up the 101

careybonn's bday donuts

careybonn’s bday donuts

sky fall brewery in Eugene, OR

sky fall brewery in Eugene, OR

cukes from my garden!

cukes from my garden!

my adorable neice

my adorable neice

my incredible nephew

my incredible nephew

i love my family

i love my family

The fun continues, my friends. This summer has been a blast, and I never want it to end. I’m taking full advantage by doing what I do best… traveling, eating and spending time with quality people. Above are photos from Tunitas Creek Rd beach, the bay, roadtrippin’ with the one, the only Carey Bonn in Humbolt and Eugene, and finally a family photo with the newest lil’ Francos in Portland, Oregon. I’m spending time with my family in Portland for a week or so, and apart from the gloomy sky, it’s been a grand ol’ time. Happy weekend, everyone!


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