As some of you may already know, I quit my job at SolarCity before I went on Eurotour 2014. This chapter ended on a very positive note, and it was actually very hard to leave such a fun and comfortable job. But it had to be done, as it was time to move on. Upon my return, I have found that being unemployed is almost more exhausting than having a full time job. Why? Because the bay area is full of exciting energy and projects, and there is so much to do! I’m taking full advantage by waking up earlier than I ever did for work, and I love it! Also, the jetlag helps..

I’m diligently working on my garden. Day by day, I do a little bit here and there. It feels like a healthy way to approach this large project, and so far, I see progress. My friend Jack is going to stop by this week to further assist and guru me through the next phase of garden expansion. We will likely build a third bed in the back yard for edible plants, and hopefully get started on the herb garden for the front. I finally transplanted two lavender plants yesterday!

Photo on 5-26-14 at 10.48 AM

Bed 1

I’m also reconnecting with dear friends, taking care of silly errands (going to the DMV, cleaning, getting rid of stuff), but mostly, I find that I’m just decompressing. I’m finally in a place where I can afford (financially and professionally) to just take a break.  As I witnessed the fullest, most yellow moon I’d ever seen, rise over the Swiss alps one night last week, a wise man named Sean told me that I shouldn’t live my life to work. I am not defined by my career, and the work I do, but rather the connections I make with people, the lessons I learn from being a member of my community, and by the interests I pursue that teach me to be the best version of myself. I feel grateful and proud to have the opportunity to take this time, and I thank all you who have given me advice, and/or shown me kindness and love.

So as I sit on this magnificent porch, eating my breakfast, I admire the details of the ancient creatures that are the mushrooms Mwende (my housemate) foraged yesterday, and I say thanks.

Photo on 5-26-14 at 10.33 AM

Fried egg and sauteed kale on everything bagel, apples slices and decaf coffee


1 thought on “Fun-employment

  1. Yeli,

    This is so wonderful. It warm my heart to read your wonderful experience and great hopes for the future.

    a wise man told me that life isn’t about working to live, it’s about living to work.

    I wasn’t sure about that, but if I translate to Hebrew it is: לא עובדים כדי לחיות, אלא, חיים כדי לעבוד 😦

    חיבוק ענק


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