Kale Queen

Phew! What a whirlwind it’s been. My experience is that as soon as summer comes around, the speed of life picks up. My theory is that the extension of the daylight and the warmth increases our speed and productivity. I guess that’s not just my theory, but has been proven through extensive scientific research. However, on a more personal scale, I feel this is very true. When the sun comes out and stays out, I am productive, happy, and want to spend lots of time outside.  This has proven true within the past few weeks. Below is the proof. I’ve been collaging, bike camping, eating (duh), enjoying time with friends and family, and loving the sunny weather. My garden is really ramping up (by really I mean more than 0) and I have big plans for this spring and summer. So far I have some tomatoes, kale, and garlic. I intend to have corn, squash and some peas or beans soon too! I’m committed to fostering my green thumb, and hopeful that the summer will be a fruitful one. With that in mind, the first photo is of my first ever kale harvest. My friend Rob provided me with some stalks last fall, and only one took, but boy did she take. She’s the queen kale, and I’m so grateful she is nourishing me for lunch today.

First Harvest Kale

First Harvest Kale


Mac n Cheese from Chop Bar



Rhino Break

Tai Chi Fanny

Tai Chi Fanny


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