Happy St Patrick’s Day/Happy Belated Pi’e Day!

Wow, so much eating you guys. Friday the world saw yet another pi’e day, and I hosted yet another succesfull pi’e day celebration. I’m sorry you’re going to have to tolerate my gloating on this one. It was absolutely fantastic, and so many great people showed up to share in the joys of pi’e. I made my favorite, blueberry-apple pie with my homegrown “foolproof” pie crust from America’s Test Kitchen. There was not but a morsel left at the end of the night (pat on the back), and everyone really pulled together to make it an absolute thrill!



the pi’e day tiara created by my very crafty mother


Solar Citizens enjoy pie


Taylor “hard R” Fitzgerald, Admirer of Pi’e




Coco’s strawberry chia pie! RAW, VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE!


Karen and Cory – lovers of pie


So Saturday I literally ate leftover pie and coffee ALL day with a hike at Redwood Regional Park and a bike ride peppered in between. And the weather has just been incredible so I’ve been spending as much time as possible outside, and it feels like summer. I’m now enjoying this (below) for dinner and will probably inhale the last sliver of pie. Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate my favorite day of the year ! It made my heart warm with glee.


Curried Lentils with white rice and TJ’s lager from a can. mmmmm



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