It might just rain today!

What’s left of Aunt Mary’s Cafe breakfast. Gingerbread ricotta pancakes with fruit compote. AND Louisville hot brown open face sandwich w/gruyere cheese sauce

Oops. I was too hungry to take a picture. But it was so friggan yummy. Saturday morning brunch is pleasurably delightful. It’s mellow and fun, and the perfect thing to do on the holy day of rest.

Corn Dog from Hog’s Apothecary


Poppyfield Pale Ale

According to David, the last time he was at this location he was fending off bums from his laundry. Ah, gentrification… Yes, it’s happening all around me. Fun atmosphere, delicious beer and food. We made friends, and none other than Taylor and Tovah showed up by pure coincidence. Saturday was a day of feasting.


Succulent going CRAZY

I don’t know what’s up with this lil dude, but it’s going CRAZY. Just growing so fast and so heartily. I almost don’t want to transplant it, because I think it’s just beating the odds and that’s what makes it special.

Halibut from mommy dearest marinating with lemons from my co-worker Alex


I really hope we get some rain today. It sure looks like we might. Dreary skies and moisture in the air. I’ve been home sick the past two days with some nasty throat thing. yuck. Perfect day for blogging, though.

Stay healthy out there, friends!


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