Salad Savior

If you know my eating habits, you’ll know that every time someone asks me “what do you want to eat?”, my response is almost always going to be “salad”. Since the destruction of Intermezzo on Telegraph, it’s been hard to get a really delicious, large, veggie filled salad that’s affordable. This led to a short stint where I thought I would open a salad restaurant.. Just like when I thought I would open a bakery, and name it Vanana Banilla.. Those are dreams on the back burner. So, there are two places in the east bay where I really enjoy the salad. One is surprisingly at The New Parkway. If you don’t know about this groovy spot in Oakland, look it up! It’s a movie theater that plays most independent films, and they have incredible food! Like, the kind you pay good money for at a restaurant, not the fake, salty, sugary stuff you buy at the movie theater and then immediately regret stuffing your face with. So they have an ode to Seinfeld salad called “the big salad” and it absolutely rocks. It’s fresh and I believe they use some ingredients that they source from local farmers.

The other spot is Herbivore. With many locations in and around the bay, they offer lots and lots of delicious vegan and vegetarian options. I always forget that I love their salad, and then when someone recommends that we eat there, I order this salad. Mixed greens, a whole avocado, shredded carrots and beets, tomatoes, sprouts, and grilled tofu. AND, every time I order it, the person sitting at the table next to me asks in surprise and jealousy, “Excuse me, what is that you ordered?” So, for the sake of my amnesia, and recording it in the logs, here it is folks! The best salad in the east bay. I dare you to challenge! In fact, I encourage you to!

East Bay's best salad

East Bay’s best salad

Shabbat shalom, my friends.


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