Champagne for the road?

My friend Roman

This is my friend Roman. We’ve been friends for 8 years. Throughout this time, we’ve maintained a long distance friendship. He lives in Sacramento and is a master linguist. He is a native Spanish speaker, and has taught himself Japanese, English, French and Italian. His 27th birthday was January 6th, and he celebrated by coming to San Francisco for the weekend. On Sunday he ventured across the bay to visit me, and we sauntered to and fro at my very favorite, Temescal Farmer’s Market. It was a beautiful sunny day, and it was oh so comforting to reminisce and catch up with an old friend. I purchased all sorts of lovely items, but my favorite is definitely the Calendula bouquet you see below. These flowers are so incredibly vibrant and healing. I think Ralph Waldo Emerson had a saying, “earth laughs in flowers”, and I’d say I agree.

Left over champagne means mimosas. Sure. On New Year’s I bought champagne because, well, that’s the tradition, right? I imagined my friends and I gathered around, cheerfully toasting to the new year, a glimmer of hope in everyone’s eye, and a dash of glee in their heart. I would sip from my champagne glass and kiss my sweetheart as the clock struck midnight.. But alas, I have the tendencies of a 90 yr-old-woman, and I went to bed at approximately 12:05 am, so the champagne was left to languish in the refrigerator to be uncorked at a much less inspirational moment. That moment was last night. And boy was it tasty! Enjoyed with cod that I purchased from the aforementioned farmer’s market from my pal Don, the fish man. I’d say it was all very pleasant.
I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday. I’m looking forward to the weekend! Shalom to all.


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