3 Jews Walk Into an Arab Market on Christmas

My folks drove from Davis to Oakland so we could spend Christmas together yesterday, and boy was it chalk full of cultural faux pas.. Every year, my family and all the other Jews in America celebrate baby Jesus’ birth by getting Chinese and going to a movie. This is the stereotype, and has served me well for a great majority of my adult life. However, this year, I decided I’d had enough. I’ve been traveling quite a bit in the past few months and wanted to have a stay-cation (this is where you just stay at home watching TV, go to bed early, sleep in late, drink coffee and take walks) and I made everyone come visit me instead. So yesterday I spent the day with my mom and dad, and we went to Oasis Market for lunch. If you’ve never been, do yourself a favor and go! The pita comes out of the oven at about noon and they are hot and fluffy and so delicious. The hummus which you must have is silky smooth and I’m saving up to receive doses of it intravenously for the rest of my life. The business contains a restaurant, full grocery store and meat department (is meatery a word?). It was hustling and bustling, and full of all kinds of different people. Just the way I like Oakland.

 Here is a giant lafa. Imagine how much hummus you would need…
 Delicious falafel, hummus, tabouleh, baba ganoush
 KRAVE ! don’t know what it is, but looks tasty. You can only find this in the Middle East.


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