Crispy Marshmallow Bar

I know, the generic brand name isn’t as fun as Rice Crispy Treats, but hey! I’m not one to make trouble with trademarking.. But really, these things are so friggan tasty I would eat a whole pan of them and immediately drop dead from sugar comatose. This is basically what happened last week when I made them.

Ahem, let me back track. I had declared at a dinner with friends last week that a bag of 6 month old marshmallows was about to be discarded from our pantry for lack of purpose. My brilliant friend Karen reminded me that aside from playing chubby bunny and s’mores once a decade, marshmallows do indeed serve a purpose. (This conversation had many tangents… wikipedia you are wonderful). I made these treats in about 10 mins and they were so yummy! It tasted like my childhood and made me gleeful with holiday cheer. The trick to good crispy marshmallow bars is that you use 1 less cup of puffed rice than any recipe will ever tell you. Believe me.. So I brought them to work, and people laughed at the circular shape, because they’re squares, and then I ended up eating most of them because I am a glutton.

Also, the red and green star is a craft David made at work. It’s beautiful right?

Hope the week brings lots of delicious eating. Much love and joy to you all!



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