Boo Rain

Hiya friends! I’m updating from rainy Davis while eating delicious miso soup. I just had my tonsils removed last Friday, so I’m home recovering from the surgery. Unfortunately, I can’t eat anything delicious, but I have been fantasizing a lot about all the amazing fried things I’m going to make when I can eat again! Woohoo!!! Just wanted to post a few delayed pictures from the last few months. I’ve been baking and cooking a lot, but haven’t been taking enough pictures . That will come to an end! I promise.

In the following photos

devil’s food cake topped with the BEST and easiest ganache recipe ever.

My first ever no-knead bread. This is the NYtimes recipe that came out a few years ago.
The dough is napping. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I followed the original, but my room mate’s friend who is an amazing bread baker suggested I follow a different recipe from America’s Test Kitchen. AND it has beer in it, so it has to be the best. Right? More on that soon.
And last but not least, Granola Bars. This is seriously the easiest and most versatile recipe on the face of the earth for granola bars. Even if you don’t have half the ingredients, you can substitute everything, and they’ll still turn out deliciously. Sorry the picture isn’t too great… It’s from the iphone

Anywho, I hope you’re all doing okay, even in the dreary February weather. Eat soup and try to stay indoors!
Happy Eating ! 🙂

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