Gardens Gardens everywhere!!!!!

Hello All!

Sorry I’ve been a terrible blogger the past few weeks. Alas, I have been traveling and rather lazy as I’m simply enjoying the relaxing times in the Davis heat.
However, I did do some cooking and baking the past few days. As you all know it’s that time of the year when all is in bloom, and my folks’ garden is no exception. We picked a bushel of tomatoes as well as basil of two varieties. So naturally Jake and I proceeded to make the most delightful lasagna with a homemade basil/spinach pesto, mozzarella, ricotta and beauteous sliced tomatoes. It was SUPER tasty!
Yesterday I visited my dear friend Cory Mann at his mom’s house in Davis. Kim is a fabulous gardener and she graciously gave me a bag of delicious yellow peaches from their tree along with some zucchinis. I made a peach pie with my favorite pie crust recipe. “Fool Proof Pie Crust” from America’s test Kitchen. If you don’t know already, I love ATK, I think they are gods and I read almost everything they publish.
Anyway, hope you’re all well.
Happy Eating!

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