Summer Travels!

Hi Everyone!

Here are some pictures from my weekend in Humboldt County. It was my first time up there in my adult life, and of course the trip’s mission was to see the sights, and eat delicious things of course. My favorite was Brio Breadworks, a cute little place on the corner of the plaza in Arcata, CA. The bakery has a European feel with artisan breads, and a plethora of unforgiving pastries, all of which is made in-house! We had a fruit danish, Egg’s Benedict on a croissant, and a classic omelette with Emmental cheese and Chives. We also dined at Brick and Fire, a cute little cafe that prepares all of their food in a massive brick oven in the back. It was delicious! I tried two interesting dishes I’d never had, a polenta lasagna (very creative), and a refreshing mint-peach sorbet for dessert. Last but certainly not least, we went to the Lost Coast Brewery in Eureka! I’ve had plans to go there for a long time, and finally had lunch there this afternoon! My turkey burger was FANTASTIC! The picture you see here is a collection of 10 4 oz samples of all the brews. It was a fun way to end the trip, and I’m glad I got to experience some new foods and flavors, and spend some time in that part of the state.

Hope you’re all exploring the culinary world through summer’s bounty !

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