Food tour d’Berkeley!

I’ve just returned from one of my favorite cities in California. Jake, my lovely cuisine companion has spent little time in Berkeley and we’d been discussing a potential food tour for quite a long time. Berkeley Bowl, the mecca of all grocery stores was the inspiration for the trip, but I figured if we were already there, we’d attempt to eat our way through the entire bay area. We made a list of places to go, and began our journey at 9:30 this morning. Said list included; Bette’s Ocean View Diner, The Cheeseboard Cooperative Bakery, Ici Ice Cream Shop, Intermezzo, and Berkeley Bowl. We indulged in amazing breakfast at the diner, committed to quality ice cream made from the freshest, most seasonal ingredients, and maxxed out our credit cards at the Bowl. While we didn’t make it to all because of stomach size constraints, we did have a lovely time, and the weather was charming. Unfortunately I’m an idiot and I forgot my sd card for my camera, and failed on the photography portion of the trip, however we do have big plans for key lime and pineapple pie, so stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Food tour d’Berkeley!

  1. Yael, I am so happy you have a blog! It's great reading about your all of your culinary exploits, whether you are the creator OR the consumer (pun intended). SO many great places in Berkeley. I love Bette's as well, though it's often impossible to get a table…but worth the wait. I've only been to Ici's once (the night before Alex's graduation), and was blown away by the interesting flavors (I mean, rhubarb ice cream?) and was only sorry I had to choose just one. If you haven't tried Rick and Ann's in Berkeley, you should…I think you would like it a lot.
    COngrats on the blog, Yael!

  2. Try Gather. And Tibet Cafe. And Cafe Gratitude. Those are my foodie destinations in Berkeley. =) Also – there is a new cinnamon-inspired vegan bakery opening up on Oxford and Addison (right across the the University, soon). Also, Picante has great tamales, and amazing vegetarian/vegan Mexican food. I'm looking forward to my next Amtrak visit. =)

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