Food Fondness

Hello Everyone!

My name is Yael, and I love food… Yes, I sound like an addict, and maybe I am, but frankly I don’t care! I’m starting this blog as a way of documenting my culinary adventures around the great state of California, where I live, as well as some of the other places I have an hope to visit. I am an avid hobby baker, however I dabble in all other food preparation and exploration.

I went to school at the University of California at Santa Cruz where I did my bachelor’s in Environmental Studies. My studies were focused on food systems, and while I’ve always been
interested in food, this only further encouraged my interest. I suppose what most intrigued me was the simple relationship people have with food. Everybody’s gotta eat, right? Yet, I’m continuously perplexed by the complexity associated with growing, preparing and enjoying food, and I hope that through my constant engagement in food culture, I will one day understand it… Or become the most amply proportioned woman on the face of the earth. We’ll see…

My favorite time is spent with friends who share the same love and passion for food, and I’m always curious to see what others are doing. I hope I can share with you some of the wonderful eats I’ve been lucky to experience, and that I can receive feedback and advice to further pursue the ongoing dialogue about food!

Happy Eating!

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