Juuuuly Juuuuly

The cusp of oscillation. That’s my horoscope in a nutshell. Equal parts Cancer and Leo. Fire and water combined to make constant movement of back and forth… Oof, sorry to get all new agey here, but I feel it in July, ya know!? My birthday month always makes me reflective, and something about mid summer is really part of my essence. This year I turn 27. The year that Mercury will be in retrograde. I will no longer be in my mid-20s. I’m entering my late 20s and ready with open arms. It’s true what they say, it gets better with age. On Friday Mwende and I celebrated another birthday together. It was so great to be surrounded by my friends and community. Thank you to everyone who attended, and to all those who were there in spirit.

It’s been a minute, so what can I share? I’ve gone on several trips in the past few months for work and pleasure. I traveled through the American Southwest, the East Coast, I’ve camped and biked throughout California, and very much looking forward to a tropical adventure I leave for in 4 days. Mystery trip, so stay posted! But below are pictures all the way back from March through the fourth of July. The order goes Van Damme State beach, Vegas, The Grand Canyon, New Mexico, Tucson, Tunitas Creek Beach, Tahoe, Fourth of July up in Trinity Shasta Mountains. YEA! dats some camping.

Van Damme State Beach Banana Slug - no known predators donuts for breakfast Sin City Truckito Truck Stop The Grand Canyon IMG_2781 IMG_1362 IMG_2803 Land of EarthShips IMG_2814 White Sands IMG_2837


IMG_2880 IMG_2882

Earth Ship

Tuscon Solarkids Secret Beaches IMG_2989 IMG_2997 Tahoe Tahoe Trio The world Killin it Lake Mercet Olivia is so good at jumping On the trail Hiking in SNOW Yolla Bolly Middle Eel River Happy Fourth of July Beans and Rice and Meadow Fratar Sunsets and purple mountain majesty


It gets better every year!

There is a following for this Pi’e Day Party, and it’s an absolutely epic tradition. I can’t believe how much momentum there has been in the last 6 years to celebrate the best food ever, and to be honest, there are people I only see on pi’e day, and that’s enough of a reason to keep doing it.

Here are my votes for the most noteworthy pies brought forth. If others have differing opinions, please speak now!

Karen Henwood: Most beautiful – Strawberry Mousse Pie (oh my god it was so gorgeous, and tasted like heaven)

Teresa Klein: Best Savory Pie – Shepherd Pie with Guinness Brisket (slow cooked meat all night long by the queen of meat herself. goshdarn it was tasty!)

Kate Fratar: Best Tart – Mixed Berry Tart (So beautiful to look at, delicious crust!)

Olivia Mahony: Best Pie Overall – Key Lime Pie (cuz it was bomb, and it was my mom’s favorite)

So here you are, friends, I indulge you in the beauty of Shabbat Pi’e Day 2015.. For those of you who missed out, next year will not be as epic numerically, but hey, there’s always room for more contenders, so get bakin’!




close up of the beauty





The best day is coming..

6th annual pi’e day. Yeah, you heard me! 6 years and counting, and this will be the best yet! You know why? 3.14.15. NO MORE EXPLANATIONS REQUIRED!

Stay tuned for updates on that crazy fun in 3 days.

Other fun photos of this cool life included below. Winter is dead. Forever. And I get to play in the sun.

Happy livin’ friends! And beware the pi’eds of Marchhhhhh

stumptown love

stumptown love


that time when i was at work so early i saw the moon setting and the sun rising. but damn, can’t complain about the view!

jerusalem iris' finally bloom!

jerusalem iris’ finally bloom!

building team bonds in Ontario, CA

building team bonds in Ontario, CA

super bowl sunday with these stellar gals

super bowl sunday with these stellar gals

crepes at work!

crepes at work!

botanical garden

botanical garden with franco elders

Makin oat milk

Makin oat milk



lake luuvvvv


mega hamentashen to rule them all

My non-existant purim costume

My non-existant, ambivalent purim costume

the craziest moon!

the craziest moon!

from tunnel road. goshdarn i'm friggan lucky

from tunnel road. goshdarn i’m friggan lucky


epic east bay sunsets

saabaru dies, and FRA friends are sad

saabaru dies, and FRA friends are sad





seabright beach! it’s been so long


these lil goobers

these lil goobers


baby dude

baby dude

watching cool videos

watching cool videos


holding hands and making plans


This 3 yr old is SO much cooler than me

This 3 yr old is SO much cooler than me

2015 RAWQS!

It’s been 22 days of this beautiful new year, and I have to say, it’s started out right. Although there’s been quite a bit of hustle and bustle for me with travel, work, training (for Oakland half marathon!), social endeavors and much more, I’m mostly feeling optimistic about the year. I just returned from a week on the East Coast for a Sungevity conference. There, I presented a few of my projects, which was very exciting and I felt honored to have the opportunity to do so. I also made some really fun and important connections with colleagues out there, and feel good about the time I spent doing so. After the conference, I spent 3 days with my aunt Simone, and my brother Gil exploring the city and freezing my tush off.

I had immense culture shock from the weather, and am just that much more grateful upon my return to beautiful California. In my wise old age, and as I leave the comforts of this amazing location, I always find happiness and gratitude when I return. That’s love, folks…

Pictures from the last few weeks… Be well!


kids that train together, stay healthy together!


ridin’ up to lake temescal, feelin that Oakland love


who wore it better?


White Plains, NY



IMG_2304 IMG_2323





Old SKOOL davis crew


some hairs are now purple



BACK in palm tree land



immature kale



mature kale




Western Moon



Some older photos from December…



Workin for the sun. #californialove




Made by #gilfranco





IMG_2138 Feelin’ safe on #solarfriday



barton springs polar swim



Francos do Austin, TX


#solarfamily on New Years


Bay Trail! Feelin’ plum


New Years slow cooked chicken for Taco Feast


I love these humanoids



Happy Festivus!





Man, these pictures did not upload in order… Oh well, you guys will figure it out. Sooooo December! Woah hey, what’s up almost-year-2015! December is always a time of reflection, and I’d say I have quite a lot to reflect about this year. It was a year of many transitions and changes. Some great! Some difficult! But best of all, I learned a ton. About the world, people, myself… This was the first year where I didn’t feel like I was in a perpetual state of being 19 years old. I made a lot of big decisions on my own, and I am feeling really strong, independent and empowered. I am eager to see what 2015 brings, and hopefully it will involve far less travel! Sheesh, I’m sick of living out of luggage and rarely sleeping in my own bed.

But! The other good news is that I’ve now gone 16 days without eating dairy, refined sugar, alcohol, caffeinated coffee (though that’s been many many months) or gluten (except once at Canter’s.. I was surrounded by my people… it was mazto ball soup… give a girl a break!) So I’m feeling really great about that. It’s been super difficult and tempting, but it’s making my body feel right, and I’ve appreciated the time and opportunity to really review and consider my diet.

I really hope everyone is feeling happy and relaxed even with the madness of the holidays. I’m looking forward to my first weekend home in many many weeks. It’s Bethany’s birthday, so we’ll be showing her a great time as we welcome her into her 31st year.



haha the cheeziest!!! Sungevity takes glamour shots




Tilden Hike with my girl Anna


IMG_1921 A week with this terror… The cutest terror of all time



rollin deep!


This is not staged… kid’s got solar running through his veins


two dudes hangin out






❤ ridin dirty in the five thirty


Thanks for the new socks, MA!


and the new blender!


Happy Birthday Phil! You’re the best


Venice beach in the middle of winter. I love you, California



Happy Madison Party in Burbank. Ready to ROCK!


I’m pretty proud of this one. Pet Sheep


Solstice Party Invite

IMG_1974 IMG_1975 IMG_1995 IMG_2021



My dad is so badass

What? It’s almost December, that’s just crazy…

So much to say, and somehow not enough time to include everything, but I haven’t written in a while, so I wanted to get something out. I’m back in Oakland after a work trip to LA this past weekend and week. Headed out again tomorrow through Friday to visit more work partners in the central valley. I’m thoroughly exhausted, but really happy to be out in the field and warehouse making the solar things happen!

Photos of racing, food, LA fun with college friends…

More photos soon, following the most epic Thanksgiving ever. FrancoFeastFest2014!

Garden is still fruitful!

Garden is still fruitful!

really into breakfast salads these days

really into breakfast salads these days

fennel is actually super delicious

fennel is actually super delicious

breakfast salad

breakfast salad

Shaka Shaka across the finish


10K race in Berkeley with my #solarfriends. SO FUN!



Solar Training. #SungevityOrange



Finally back on my bike after surgery!

My girl Krista crushin’ her cycle cross match! Can’t wait to get into this next year


Sunken City in San Pedro. #City of Angels



❤ this guy!

Dr. Bick says, "Sorry, I'm not sorry..."

Dr. Bick says, “Sorry, I’m not sorry…”

Rental Jeep. Fully Equipped with Burrito Console. #SoCal

Rental Jeep. Fully Equipped with Burrito Console. #SoCal


#slugs, #stevensonreunion, #ucsc, #what’syourmajor? 

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers..

October is still summer in California, you guys! I’m weekend warrior-ing, and staying busy by training (some) for a race in a few weeks, and working a lot at my new job, which I’m liking more and more. Enjoy the below photos from… life. I had an epic time on a spontaneous camping trip up to Salt Point this weekend, where my adventure pal Alex and I were blessed with warm weather and breathtaking ocean views. I swear, there’s no reason to ever leave California..


Runnin at lunch in Jack London Square


Pulled Pork Bowl at “Off the Grid” in Oakland


Waffle at Cosecha in Old Town. Oakland, CA


me n’ frat at Stump Beach in Salt Point


crazy rock formations.


a beach that used to be a beach, but under water, according to ol’ “salt mouth” (a very kind woman who worked at the visitor’s center)

IMG_1115 DSCN5227